Cleaning Franchises Los Angeles

The cleaning franchises Los Angeles has available will be joined by Maids by Trade as aim at opening soon. The cleaning franchises Los Angeles show a mix of backgrounds, allowing Maids by Trade to join other competing house cleaning franchises.

Maids by Trade now available in California

The Maids by Trade cleaning franchises Los Angeles has avaialbe through Purple Forté are Basic, Optimal and Metro.  Contact us and see what we have available today! 

3 Cleaning Franchise Options

Cleaning Franchises Los Angeles and other cities in California have more options for users fo the house cleaning service. The Cleaning franchises by Maids by Trade offer 3 options:


The Maids by Trade brand is a cleaning franchise with a ‘local’ feel to it. We’re proud to have a high satisfaction rating on Google Reviews for our Portland location. The Maids by Trade cleaning franchise Los Angeles expects needs to improve like this location.

Get Your Cleaning Franchise Featured

Give your new Maids by Trade business more exposure; have your new business office listed here via new franchise or royalty-free conversion fees. Cleaning Franchises in Los Angeles offer more options to their clients.

Talk To Us!

We easy to talk to. We appreciate all feedback and questions about starting or converting to a Maids by Trade cleaning franchise in Los Angeles California. Please send us an email or call us at 503-308-7339

Fortino B.

Fortino B.


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Tania M.

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Edson G.

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Claudia G.

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The Purple Forté Team

Trusted & Experienced

Maids by Trade cleaning franchises in Los Angeles are backed by trusted and experienced team. 

A Reputable Cleaning Brand

Maids by Trade is a company built on a spotless reputation; founded by Fortino Barajas from Portland Oregon.

Available To Step In

Our support team is available to onsite assistance on opening or ongoing business operations. California cleaning franchises from Maids by Trade are no exception. 

Support & Troubleshooting

Maids by Trade’s management and developer team are available to troubleshoot issues. Planning is key in prevention and the Maids by Trade team is well organized.

Featured Maids by Trade Offices

Contact us to get your business listed here. Purple Forte offers great incentives to convert your business to a Maids by Trade franchise.

Tucson Arizona

A “California cleaning franchises” search shows you many options like the Tucson AZ office.

Scottsdale Arizona

The Maids by Trade office located in Scottsdale Arizona serves other surrounding areas.

Portland Oregon

The house cleaning office that serves Portland’s west side in Oregon. Visit their page here.

Cleaning Franchises Los Angeles

Ownining a Maids by Trade cleaning franchise in Los Angeles California can be accomplished in just a few steps. See if you qualify to own a cleaning franchise.


How much do I need to start a Maids by Trade franchise?

The lowest investment requirement is $16,895 for the Optimal Cleaning Franchise. Los Angeles has this option available as well as conversion to a Maids by Trade cleaning business.

Independently owned or corporate business offices?

Every Maids by Trade office is independently owned and operated by individual companies. See the first Maids by Trade opened in the state of Arizona.

Who receives the amount investment required?

No one. With the exception of the franchise license fee, you control and manage the rest of the money required.

(503) 308-7339

Start or convert your existing cleaning business to a Maids by Trade company.