About Purple Forté

Purple Forté delivers optimal results and great business opportunities with new house cleaning franchises for entrepreneurs; from coaching and guiding the start of a new house cleaning franchise, converting an existing service to a franchise or cashing out of a business. We provide both a superior business system and a tremendous growth opportunity to franchisees and small business owners. A team with over 20 years of experience in the house cleaning industry lead by Fortino Barajas; we have what it takes to help your new or existing business succeed.


To provide the local business owner the tools to succeed in the cleaning industry in a way that’s ethical, eco-conscious and fair all the way across the board.


To serve local entrepreneurs in maintaining a well-balanced business that thrives while supporting a safe workforce and happy clientele.

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Prospective house cleaning franchise owners are hardworking individuals enthusiastic about moving their business forward. Those that seek to convert their current small business to a franchise are individuals looking to became part of a reputable company, so they can focus on taking care of their clients’s homes.

Purple Forté’s approach to the house cleaning franchising industry gives small business owners and franchisees control over their own companies, as the firm only helps entrepreneurs instead of relying on corporate franchising which Purple Forté refuses to create. This way investors will benefit from the franchisor’s support and guidance; allowing prospective franchises to keep more of their revenue in their local economies, creating a well-balanced and just business model that works for everyone.

The company’s model is one with humble beginnings that took nearly 20 years to reach perfection. The founder’s difficult start helped the company develop a business model that offers both, opportunity and growth for business owners. The network created by the company allows its franchisees to contribute while reaping the benefits of such a business model.

New Cleaning Franchises

Starting a cleaning business by franchising can be daunting for new entrepreneurs; however, exploring franchise opportunities with Purple Forté will eliminate the hassle of starting from scratch.

Converting Existing Cleaning Services

Converting your existing cleaning service is the most practical and efficient way to benefit from Purple Forté’s business model. Individuals seeking business conversion can enjoy the perks of being part of our network.

Cashing Out of a Cleaning Business

Selling a cleaning business is the best option for those looking to move forward with their lives. Purple Forté regularly seeks businesses available for acquisition or merging, so that business owners can get relief from owning and running their cleaning service by themselves. Another options is to consolidate assets.

Cleaning Business Consulting

Purple Forté’s professional team provides business consulting to struggling service providers; from small to medium or large companies. These services include, operational systems, branding, marketing, strategies, and others.

Business Reputation

The standards are high. The company requires a professional approach and handling to keep the brand’s reputation intact. Each prospective franchisee commits to representing the company in a way that’s ethical, professional and eco-responsible; assuring their clients will receive the best customer service in the industry.

Cleaning Supplies

No business idea or strategy can be successful unless the plan includes quality products and equipment. Purple Forté has wholesale pricing for cleaning service providers. Contact us to create your wholesale account.

The Founder

The company was founded by Fortino Barajas, an active member of the community that developed Purple Forté as a channel to help other business owners like himself. He realized the need of creating a platform to facilitate the much needed help for others currently in the cleaning industry. He believes in helping other business owners in achieving financial success thru his expertise and years of hard work.

Fortino, a family man with a commitment to the business community and the neighborhoods his brand serves. The reputable company was born grass-roots style—from his home in the late-nineties in beautiful Portland Oregon.

Fortino personally supervises key aspects of business development; whether starting, converting or selling a businessAnything from assessment, strategy, development, execution to application of operational systems.

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