Self Assessment. Are You Ready to Own a Franchise?

Considering a venture into the house cleaning industry? This self assessment will help you in the process on starting a house cleaning business whether you choose Purple Forté or any other house cleaning franchise.

Please take the time to discuss them with a business partner and/or family member as this will give you a more realistic understanding of what you will experience once you venture into the house cleaning industry.

This self assessment will help you in the process on starting a house cleaning business whether you choose a Purple Forté or any other house cleaning franchise.

The questions in this self assessment will help you decide whether you’re ready for a house cleaning franchise or not:

What is my business experience?

Anything from running or managing a coffee shop or other type of service related business will help you with experience; sometimes just the experience you get from taking part in a family business, not necessarily ownership.

Do I find being a leader rewarding?

Leading a team gives you the experience and sense of satisfaction that true leaders enjoy; creating a cycle of productivity and efficiency that just feels great.

Do I want to work with clients directly?

Working in the house cleaning industry will give you the opportunity to meet clients on a regular basis; especially if you’re a “hands-on” type person.

How do I feel about working in the service industry?

Entrepreneurs take advantage of the great opportunities the thriving service industry offers. This self assessment might not address all your concerns. Talk to us!

Do I want this business as a hobby or as a career?

Like any business venture, starting a cleaning business through a franchise requires a full commitment to get the company established. Over time you can start delegating certain responsibilities so you can start relaxing and enjoying the benefits of being your own boss.

Do I want to learn or be trained to run a business?

Your disposition to learn and be taught is key to your business’s success. As the business owner, you need to familiarize with all the aspects of starting and maintaining and operating a business.

How much can I afford to invest in a franchise business?

Do a self-analysis and check all your bank accounts, as you need to assess how much you have available to invest. Be up-front with the franchising business. A franchisor is more likely to work with you if you have house cleaning industry experience. Check all your options and read the Franchise Disclosure Document carefully.

How many hours per day do I want to invest in my business?

Business owners know that it takes time and commitment to get a business going; know that it means long work hours so you can closely monitor the business progress. Be realistic of how many hours you can devote each day to launching your new cleaning business.

Do I invest by myself or should I invest with a business partner?

Either way works, however, if you have a potential business partner that you get along with, you’re increasing your possibilities of success. Draft an Operational Agreement and discuss it with your future business partner so both of you will know your rights and responsibilities.

Being realistic, how long can I wait before I start profiting from my business?

Some businesses can take up to 90 days or more to produce profits. Consider funds to sustain yourself for that period. Consider having a Plan B should you encounter any delays.

Other Self Assessment Questions?

Other Self Assessment QuestionsThis questionnaire has the most common questions or issues encountered by franchise investors. Reach out to us if you have additional questions. Contact us.