Sell Your Cleaning Business

You’ve run your cleaning business for a while—or maybe you’ve run it for several years. Despite the level of success you’ve achieved, you simply can’t justify the earnings you take in when comparing them to the quality of the personal life—or lack thereof—you’re living. Sometimes those numbers just don’t add up.

Sell Your Cleaning Business

Maybe you’ve run your cleaning business at a loss for a while, but know there’s something lasting behind your sweat and tears that a new owner can rehash and revive.

Perhaps it’s time for a change. You’ve worked in the cleaning business for years and you simply want to do something new.

It might be that it’s time to switch careers or retire from running your own business. Regardless of the reasons, it sounds like it’s time to sell your cleaning business and learn the ways to cash out from your time at the daily grind.

Options That Allow You to Cash Out

Merging your business with or selling your cleaning business to an available franchise is among the fastest and easiest of all the ways to cash out. Already having their business models, licensing, training programs, and insurance plans in place, franchises are constantly seeking new cleaning businesses to add to their acquisitions.

If you don’t want to go the franchise route, there are always other ways to cash out. You can sell your cleaning business to another private owner, but you might wait a while for them to secure the necessary financing.

Merging with a franchise ensures money in your pocket sooner—right where it belongs. It means fewer hours spent in the workforce and more hours spent doing what you’ve worked hard to one day enjoy.

That “one day” has arrived when you consider merging or selling out to a franchise among your best options.

Break from Responsibilities

There is a wealth of responsibilities that go hand in hand with owning a cleaning business. Sometimes, as the owner, you simply want a break from some of those responsibilities.

Selling out to or merging with a franchise can allow you that kind of freedom. Suddenly you won’t be the only person hiring and screening employees, running background checks, and training your staff in the latest and greatest in home cleaning innovations. You’ll no longer be the only one responsible when something goes wrong. You won’t have to constantly seek the newest and best thing supposedly designed to take your business to the next level.

Should You Consolidate your cleaning business

If you’re seeking ways to cash out, consider a franchise as a viable option and relieve yourself from the aforementioned responsibilities right away. 

Is a B Corp for Your Cleaning Business?

Is a B corporation for you? A B Corp or benefit corporation is a type of for-profit entity that has a positive impact on not just the business owner, but the employees, the community, society as a whole, and the environment, too. Wouldn’t you love to learn that one of your ways to cash out could be to a B corporation? When you merge with or sell out to a franchise, your brand could soon become a B corporation.

Imagine being associated with a cleaning business that is environmentally sound—one that uses only safe products and practices. Imagine how that business will grow in the community where you live—and beyond.

Should You Consolidate?

Is consolidating your business among the best ways to cash out from your cleaning business?

While it’s certainly an option, it’s probably not the best one. You won’t have the kind of cash and/or credit line that merging with or selling out to a franchise will afford. In addition, consolidating requires all businesses involved to do detailed research to determine exactly what that bottom line might be. This is a lengthy, tedious process that will cost both money and time.

B Corp for house cleaning business

Consolidation should probably go down low on your list of ways to cash out of your cleaning business.

Best for Everyone

As you consider a variety of ways to cash out from your cleaning business, it’s important to look at the bigger picture, too. You’re certainly not the only person that selling or merging your business will impact.

What will selling-out to a private business owner or consolidating mean for the men and women who have done the so-called dirty work to grow your business? What will it mean to their futures?

When you merge with or sell out to a franchise, these employees can become part of the package deal. They can continue to earn their living while lending their efforts to significantly improving your way of life, and theirs, too.

How to retire after selling your cleaning business

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