10 Reasons to Buy a House Cleaning FranchiseThat dream is to buy a house cleaning franchise. The following 10 reasons will convince you to throw caution (at least a bit of it) to the wind and become a house cleaning franchise owner. You’ve thought about it. You’ve talked about it with business owners and financial experts. You’re familiar with the industry, and you’re not afraid of hard work. You’ve pinched your pennies and socked away a nice little sum of money. You have ideas for exactly where you want your dream to take you. You envision your future as a result of your dream. These 10 reasons are designed to help you make your business ownership dreams come true—or at the very least, come to the decision that it’s time to take action.

Points to Check Before You Buy a House Cleaning Franchise

See how many of the following 10 reasons to buy a house cleaning franchise pertains to you. Check off each point that qualifies and find yourself one step closer to living your dream:

  1. You genuinely like the house cleaning industry. You know it requires more than just a good team of maids, and you enjoy apprising yourself of the latest innovations in the field.
  2. Cleaning or the term cleanliness rolls off your tongue like water. You wouldn’t dream of leaving the dishes not done, and you routinely check the grout between your kitchen tiles to make sure they’re clean and bright. Cleaning means way more than tidying up. It means wiping out germs, smudges and streaks from every surface in a home. You’ve hired maids to come into your own home and you’ve worked as a maid at some time during your life. You live for making things clean.
  3. Buying a House Cleaning FranchiseYou wholeheartedly believe in the brand’s values. Everything about the house cleaning franchise you’re thinking of buying is perfectly in line with your core beliefs and practices.
  4. You will have the support of seasoned professionals when you buy your house cleaning franchise. You won’t just have their support when you sign on the dotted line, but will have that support throughout every step you take as a business owner.
  5. You will be using a system that works when you buy your house cleaning franchise. This system will do more than simply ensure you have maids to send to client’s homes. It will screen and hire those maids, adequately train them, and stand by you as you explore each and every facet of your new business.
  6. You won’t be developing any guidelines or processes when you buy into this franchise. Instead there will be tried and true guidelines and processes in place from which you can garner any and all information needed to make your house cleaning franchise an incredibly successful one.
  7. Your new franchise comes with qualified people who will willingly help you with your daily operations. There will be people with legal expertise, marketing experience, networking resources, and the latest information within the house cleaning industry that you can utilize for your house cleaning franchise. An entire team of seasoned professionals will be available to you with little to no notice.
  8. The franchise from which you’re buying your house cleaning franchise has forums available where you can chat and brainstorm with other franchisees.
  9. Your franchise has an easy-to-navigate system or series of blank templates to plug into, helping you get your new business off the ground and running as quickly as possible.
  10. You don’t need to spend your time in development. There is a sound development process in place so new house cleaning business franchise owners can concentrate on the components of the business they find far more enjoyable.

It’s All About Numbers with House Cleaning Franchises

While you don’t need to have checked off every one of these 10 reasons to buy a house cleaning business franchise, it’s definitely helpful if you’ve checked off a significant percentage of them.

This means the franchise from which you’re considering buying your house cleaning business is experienced in all aspects of successful business ownership and operation, and will work for and with you to build the company of your dreams—well beyond hiring maids and providing a name and logo for your business.

If you’ve checked off fewer than 70% of these 10 reasons to buy a house cleaning business franchise, it likely means the franchise you’re considering isn’t up to par. Sure, they might cost less, but in order to lower their costs, they’ve lowered their standards.

Make sure you are buying into the best franchise option available to you by doing sound research and frequently referring back to the 10 steps above.

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