Hire business professionals and focus on your business idea. As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s tempting to do everything ourselves. With small-businesses having less than 100 employees making up a lion’s share of the startup market, it’s easy to try to do too much. At a certain point, you will need to hire business professionals to help your business realize its ultimate potential.


7 Must Hire Business Professionals For Your New Company


Must-Hire Business Professionals

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or are striving to make your startup scaleable, these are the most essential positions to fill when looking to hire business professionals.


1. Business Lawyer

Along with a great accountant, a dedicated business lawyer may be the most important business professional to have on your payroll, contract or on-call (as needed). Not only will a business lawyer helps you draft contracts or offer advice on employment forms or issues, they can help you avoid costly missteps down the line. It’s better to avoid legal problems than have to solve them later on.


2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

We’re not all masters of business administration (MBA)  or chief financial officers (CFO). Tax laws are always changing and finances for businesses are notoriously convoluted. A professional accountant will keep your finances straight, keep tabs on the latest tax laws, to get your business the best possible deal at the end of the year. Prioritize on getting a quarterly tax assessment with recommendations from your CPA.


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3. Marketing Specialist

The marketplace has never been more competitive than it is currently. There are also more ways for independent businesses to compete against the majors than ever before, luckily. A savvy marketer can help separate your business from the line noise. Make sure your marketing expert reviews all your strategy; taking in consideration your business model, whether a franchise or independent business.


4. Sales Rep

Whether you’re selling a product or service, having a dedicated sales rep can make all the difference towards your quarterly bottom line. Not only do sales representatives specialize in the fine art of persuasion but they also keep a fresh supply of new leads and prospects flowing, which is one of the main goals to hire business professionals. If your business is to small for a sales rep, at least, have a workflow or sales graph so you or your office personnel will know what steps to take to maximize your sales.


5. Customer Service Representative

Our businesses are only as good as our customer service, in this world of social reviews and customer-centric businesses. Customer service representatives are the public face of our businesses. Hire and train your customer service reps to fully engage with the prospective client. Give them freedom to make decisions that can save a customer or an account; if they have to come to you for every little detail or question, you jeopardize the customer service impression with your customers. Learn to delegate.


6. Human Resources Professional

Turnover can be a brutal reality, at times. This is one of the reasons we should always striving to hire business professionals. There are multiple options for this position: HR recruiter, HR Consultant, HR Manager, etc. If your business is too small to afford a person to fill in any of these positions, consult your attorney for advice or check with your local community college for HR courses.


7. Social Media Assistant

Social media can be a double-edge sword for entrepreneurs. On one hand, social media networks are a wonderful, easy way to build brand awareness and thought leadership in your industry. On the other, it’s just one more thing to do in our already crowded work day.

A social media assistant makes sure your social media accounts never go stale. They can also answer messages quickly. While statistics vary by network, 11% of consumers expect brands to message back on social media within fifteen minutes. Hiring a social media assistant is an easy way to stay on top of your brand identity.


These 7 must hire business professionals will help keep your business on-track and staying profitable. They’ll help you meet your goals and guidelines, while helping you to focus on building and growing your business.

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