Independent cleaners often present challenges for reputable house cleaning services. The biggest challenges lie in the reputable house cleaning services’ ability to  build relationships with the independent cleaner’s former clients.

Client Frustration with Independent Cleaners

Oftentimes clients are frustrated with the service they received from independent cleaners. They take out their frustration on the cleaning services that take their place, usually because they fear they might in fact have set themselves up for more unpleasant circumstances.


Client Frustration with Independent Cleaners


These clients may have experienced any number of bad situations with the independent cleaners. Perhaps something was broken by one of the employees, but the cleaning company didn’t have the means to replace it. They did not reimburse the client for the item. They also might not have lived up to the client’s expectation where cleaning practices are involved. This left them very dissatisfied with the work. And they likely didn’t return to the client’s home to make good on their original promises either.

Most independent cleaners don’t license their businesses. They don’t always  insure their work and their employees. This can be very frustrating for clients when the aforementioned situations evolve.
Reputable house cleaning services are fully licensed with the states in which they operate. Their employees are adequately trained. They have done a thorough background check on their employees before they enter even one client’s home. They also are fully insured. If something is broken, the client will be promptly reimbursed for the cost of that item. If the client isn’t satisfied with the completed work, someone from the company will come back and make it right or offer a credit for a future house cleaning.

Client Mistrust

Independent cleaners can unknowingly cause mistrust among their clients. This is almost always transferred to the house cleaning service that takes their place.

Not keeping to a set schedule or having something stolen from them by an employee, will make the client very skeptical when the new house cleaning service takes over. It’s hard to trust someone new when you have been treated unfairly by independent cleaners.
Client Mistrust for Independent cleaners

Client Burnout

Client burnout from independent cleaners occurs when one or more of the aforementioned issues have taken place. The only way to alleviate this burnout is to provide them with proof of several important components to running a reputable house cleaning service.

  1. Licensing—this proves the company is legitimate and can operate legally.
  2. Safe practices—clients will certainly appreciate a cleaning company that is environmentally sound and doesn’t use harsh chemical cleaners that can harm the clients or items in their homes.
  3. Trustworthy employees—clients like knowing that not only are the employees cleaning their home trustworthy, they have also been trained in the best house cleaning practices.
  4. Growth—reputable cleaning services are constantly learning and growing, so they can provide their clients with the very best the cleaning industry provides.
  5. Knowledge—reputable cleaning services know how to clean every surface in a client’s home with the proper cleaning products and tools. There is nothing they can’t complete within the scheduled time allotted.
  6. Pleasant employees—a reputable house cleaning service’s employees don’t just show up and do a satisfactory job. They are respectful and pleasant. They are enthusiastic about their work. It’s easy to see they enjoy working for the reputable house cleaning service that hired them.

Client burnout with Independent cleaners
Providing the very best service available helps to replace the clients’ frustration, mistrust, and burnout with a new reputable house cleaning service.

The Upside

Yes, independent cleaners create serious challenges for their clients and for reputable house cleaning services. But there is an upside to these challenges as well.

Once clients become frustrated with the independent cleaners, they will eventually seek a new house cleaning service. Even if they take out their frustration on these new businesses and their employees, they will soon come to realize they can relax and trust their new house cleaners.

In a very unintentional way, these independent cleaners are slowly, but surely providing even more business to the reputable house cleaning services. Add to this word-of-mouth praise from these new clients (after they’ve realized they really can trust their new cleaners), and these unfortunate situations wind up as real pluses.

The upside—when independent cleaners disappoint their clients, those clients typically turn to new house cleaning services. This soon becomes a win/win situation for both parties involved.